Sustainable Business Model

EV3 Blue Code introduces a groundbreaking model where ecological preservation coexists with economic viability, a rare synergy in today’s world. At the heart of our initiative is an advanced ocean restoration system, primarily focused on coral farming.

The EV3 Blueprint

EV3 Blue Code embarks on its mission with the launch of 6,000 unique digital art pieces, each representing a distinct part of our coral farm. These are not just NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). They are the cornerstone of our innovative approach to conservation and community engagement.

Coral Connection

The utility of these tokens is twofold. On the one hand, they provide a financial incentive for investors and participants, as they can be traded for USDT. On the other hand, they serve a greater purpose by supporting the Sama-Bajau community. By using tokens for travel and local experiences, token holders directly contribute to the local economy, creating a sustainable and inclusive economic model.

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The Island

Our pioneering journey commences on the shores of Mantanani Island in Sabah, chosen for its rich marine biodiversity. This setting provides an exemplary foundation for our groundbreaking coral farming initiative. The clear waters surrounding Mantanani Island host an extensive array of marine life, creating a conducive setting for the nurturing and flourishing of coral.


Years of Contract

6.709073, 116.321027

Longitude and Latitude

What we do…

Exploring Carbon Credits: Carbon credits play a pivotal role in global initiatives aimed at lessening the effects of greenhouse gases on the climate. Essentially, a carbon credit is a certificate that accounts for the removal of one ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This removal can be achieved through activities such as carbon sequestration, which includes planting trees or growing corals, or through initiatives that cut emissions, like renewable energy projects. These credits are tradable across different platforms, enabling entities that surpass their carbon emission limits to buy additional emission rights from those with unused quotas.


Acres of Ocean


Months Coral Growth

Mechanism of EV3

The EV3 NFT collection transcends mere digital artistry, encapsulating a harmonious blend of cutting-edge design and real-world environmental initiatives. Every NFT within the collection stands as a distinct digital entity, characterized not only by its visual appeal but also by its integral function within the expansive EV3 ecosystem, especially in facilitating the production of EV Tokens.

The boat is setting off, dive in with us!